Blue Eyes Biotech Co., Ltd.
"Blue Eyes Biotech Co., Ltd. " is an enterprise engaged in the research, production and deep processing of natural extracts. The head office was established in the UK and has an office in Hong Kong. We are committed to solving the procurement tasks of raw materials for most companies around the world. Provide global enterprises with various plant extracts/pharmaceutical raw materials needed for production and scientific research. We also focus on the fields of anti-cancer and anti-aging raw materials.
  "Blue Eyes" relies on professional knowledge, backed by high-quality raw materials and excellent customer service, to minimize corporate procurement risks and reduce corporate procurement costs.
Corporate vision
Committed to solving raw material procurement tasks for most companies around the world. Create value for employees and customers, focus on customer needs, reduce corporate procurement costs and risks; strive to become one of the raw material suppliers of the most influential brands in Asia. Focus on improving employee happiness.
Corporate mission
Blue Eyes Committed to building human life and health, and contributing to human anti-cancer and anti-aging. Contribute to the global health care products and pharmaceutical industry. Committed to becoming one of the most influential biotech companies and the highest quality raw material supplier in the world.
Each of our employees has extensive experience in their respective positions and understands the current market trends and developments in the plant extracts and pharmaceutical raw materials industry.

At Blue Eyes Biotechnology, we have dozens of senior procurement experts who have worked in well-known companies. Their areas of expertise include various plant extracts (especially anti-cancer and anti-aging active ingredients), pharmaceutical raw materials, food additives, and cosmetics. Raw materials, etc.  Provide satisfactory services to many small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe, America and even the world.

Our team of experts fully supports you so you can focus on your business. We offer competitive pricing and premium products for a quality experience.

Experienced team
We have our own factory

Our product range is wide, including not only plant extracts, pharmaceutical raw materials, but also pharmaceutical additives, etc. For example, dandelion extract, paclitaxel extract, epimedium extract, ginseng extract, maca extract, sildenafil, sweeteners, etc.
Of course, we are more focused on anti-aging and anti-cancer raw materials.

We at Blue Eyes have strict quality control standards and have established relevant quality departments to conduct on-site inspections and sample testing of suppliers.
Quality testing standards: Mainly include sensory indicators, active ingredient analysis, physical and chemical index testing, microbial index testing, heavy metal element testing, drug residue testing and other pollutant testing, etc.
We build ready-to-ship inventory using in-house or third-party lab test reports to provide on-time delivery. As a plant extract supplier, Blue Eyes is committed to providing high-quality natural ingredients to various industries.
Our products are widely used in health products, medical treatments, cosmetics, and food
We are looking forward to cooperating with you.
Blue Eyes Biotechnology Co., Ltd. --Plant extract expert
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